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From Carlos Sanchez <>
Subject Re: Using Lava Lamps for Continuous Integration build status notifications
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 18:15:08 GMT
If any of the continuum committers wants access to the project just
let me know your google id and I'll add you.
IANAL but I think it can't be hosted in Apache due to the dependencies licenses.

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 10:09 AM, Carlos Sanchez <> wrote:
> Taking the idea of using Lava Lamps as notification tools for your
> Continuous Integration status, green lamp for success, red lamp for
> failure, the so called eXtreme Feedback Devices, and using as a guide
> the instructions in Pragmatic Automation, I have made some
> improvements to use remote notification, meaning that lamps don't need
> to be connected to the build server, and a more automated process,
> that will turn off the lamps out of business hours.
> The code is in a new project, Continuous Lava, in case it's useful for
> somebody else. There are two parts, one for Apache Continuum and one
> for CruiseControl.
> Actually, it is not necessary to use lava lamps but you can turn on
> and off any device you plug to the X10 power adapters. Imagine a loud
> siren, or my favorite, electric discharges to developer's chairs!!!
> (we'll leave this as an idea for future projects)

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