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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject [DRAFT] Continuum Release Guidelines
Date Sat, 15 Nov 2008 03:14:11 GMT
As I'd like to get started on the 1.3 series, I spent some time
writing down this crazy idea I have about using httpd- or struts-
style versioning for Continuum.  :)

The goal is to make it simple for release managers by not requiring a
new release to change the "label", while still communicating clearly
to users so they know what to expect.

The draft can be edited on the wiki:

If you have a totally different idea, just add a new section to the
page.  Here's mine so far:

Continuum Release Guidelines – DRAFT

    * Continuum is versioned X.Y.Z – Major.Minor.Build. The Major and
Minor versions are set at the beginning of a series, after which we
use sequential build numbers starting with .0. For example, 1.3.0,
1.3.1, 1.3.2.

    * Ideally each version is tagged and built exactly once. The
Release Manager (RM) has discretion to re-build a version if something
goes wrong during the release process, but once a version has been
made available for public download, that version number may not be

    * During the vote, an additional qualifier is determined. For
example: 1.3.0 (M1) or 1.3.7 (GA). Respectively, these mean Milestone
1 and General Availability. Qualifiers such as Alpha and Beta are also
acceptable, as is RC (Release Candidate).

    * If the vote does not pass, the qualifier may be reused. For
example, if 1.3.0 was meant to be M1 but does not get approved, 1.3.1
can become Milestone 1.

    * When releases are announced to the community, the additional
qualifier is used in addition to the version number. For example:
[ANN] Continuum 1.3.3 (Milestone 2) Release or [ANN] Continuum 1.3.6
(GA) Release

    * A qualifier can be changed by calling a new vote. If we get to
1.3.8 (M5) and decide that it has no problems and there's nothing else
we want to add, we can simply re-label it GA and update the website.

    * New features may be added to 1.3.x releases until we reach GA,
at which point only minor changes should be made.


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