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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Distributed builds
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2008 04:25:14 GMT

On 18/11/2008, at 4:49 PM, Marica Tan wrote:

> Additional proposal for distributed builds
> 1. Need to have a separate builder for distributed and non-distributed
> builds
>    - non-distributed builds: group level update then build project  
> one by
> one.
>    - distributed builds: update and build project one by one.

I don't quite understand this... since the location is decided by the  
build definition wouldn't they just be distributed together?

> 2. Continuum server is considered as the local build agent. It will be
> included when looking for an available build agent.

Makes sense. I agree with Emmanuel's comment here to try and use the  
same code.

> 3. Central remote repository
>    - for local build agent
>      a. add remote repository to settings.xml
>    - for remote build agents
>      a. add remote repository to settings.xml
>      b. M1 or M2 projects: deploy artifacts recently installed in  
> the local
> repo to the remote repo.
>      c. ANT or SHELL projects: don't know yet how to deploy  
> artifacts for
> these type of projects. so maybe limit the distributed builds for M1  
> and/or
> M2 projects only?

I'm not quite sure what needs to change for a distributed build  
here... it's just the same configuration on multiple machines, right?

> 4. Remote build agents will not use any database. All information  
> will be
> stored in a configuration file. Continuum server (master agnet) system
> administrator's credentials will be stored in the settings.xml as  
> well.

This is the ideal architecture IMO (which I proposed some months back)  
and makes the build agents smaller, but to get this working is it  
necessary? I agree with Emmanuel's comment here to try and use the  
same code again.


Brett Porter

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