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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Plexus components
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2008 04:16:51 GMT
For those not following plexus-dev, Plexus is being moved and a lot of  
the components will be archived.

I'd like to suggest we review each and either remove them, bring them  
into our source tree (after reviewing licensing), or ask that they be  
kept alive.

Here's what I see today, thanks to dependency-convergence:

* plexus-registry[-api|commons] +
* plexus-action
* plexus-command-line
* plexus-formica
* plexus-jabber
* plexus-jdo2 +
* plexus-mail-sender-[api|javamail|simple|test] +
* plexus-msn
* plexus-quartz
* plexus-slf4j-logging
* plexus-taskqueue
* plexus-velocity
* plexus-xwork-integration

+ are the ones that come from Redback as well

The following come uniquely from redback:
* plexus-cache[-api|ehcache]
* plexus-expression-evaluator
* plexus-digest

Is there any of these we want to push to have kept, remove  
immediately, or attempt to bring in house?

I think maybe plexus-action, formica, msn, jabber and any other  
notification ones could be considered for importing. There was also a  
discussion on the Archiva dev list related to this, and some  
suggestions for replacing some of them.


Brett Porter

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