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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: Mail notification templates override
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2008 14:51:17 GMT
Html mail was a wish in jira I saw, but if people want to have html e-mail they can at least
do it
themselves if they can override the default templates.

I am not particularly fond of having another config file that we need to change or maintain
in an
installation (besides the complexity for a lot of people finding the home directory of the
user in windows).  Why not do it correctly right away and add it to the configuration page
? (didn't
check the data model yet, so I don't hope it needs db changes for that).

Anyhow, I would also like to have other configuration things moved to that page (doesn't need
to be
right away, my focus is fixing the mail template stuff and after that see if I can add fix

Thoughts ?


Olivier Lamy wrote:
> Customizing the web template is a good idea. (do we have to support
> html email ?) .
> Perso, I prefer to start with a configuration file in the file system
> (~/.continuum/continuum.xml or something else).
> I think about using that (in the module continuum-configuration) to
> fix CONTINUUM-1489 (the proxy configuration could be here).
> --
> Olivier
> 2008/6/13 Martin van den Bemt <>:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Before I start sending patches that get rejected, I thought it was best to discuss
this on the list
>> first.
>> The mail template are in continuum-core, which means that if you want to customize
continuum, you
>> need to start maintaining a separate patch / source tree for this specifically or
perform some
>> really nasty magic to override them.
>> Currently in the location is constructed based on these
commands :
>> String packageName = getClass().getPackage().getName().replace( '.', '/' );
>> String templateName = packageName + "/templates/" + project.getExecutorId() + "/"
+ source + ".vm";
>> The simplest solution is to first check if there is a custom template eg
>> String templateName = "custom/" + packageName + "/templates/" + project.getExecutorId()
+ "/" +
>> source + ".vm";
>> if that exists use that, if not, use the default.. Maybe not the best solution (like
make it
>> configurable through the webinterface), but it is simple and low cost and just makes
it possible to
>> override without touching any continuum modules.
>> Thoughts ?
>> Mvgr,
>> Martin

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