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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: changes in JIRA
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 12:14:12 GMT
Ok, I'm done :)

The good news: I closed over 100 out of date/duplicate issues.

The bad news: the number of fixes for 1.2 went from 25 to 113. Some of  
these are things I want that I'm hoping to take a stab at, some have  
patches, some just need a quick review. We could probably get that  
down pretty quickly with a few volunteers :) But if not, many could  
easily be cut to 1.3. But it seems a lot easier to find things now.

1.x are things I consider to still be real issues and feature requests  
that we should look to slot in to future versions.

I was thinking that each release could be associated with one  
architectural change on the way to 2.0 (1.2 introduces Spring, 1.3  
JPA, 1.4 workflow). And along the way we kill off the annoyances and  
bugs first and focus on continuing to make Continuum bullet proof and  
easy to use.

Any thoughts on things that might be mis-assigned?


On 02/04/2008, at 8:37 PM, Brett Porter wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I went on a bit of a cleanup mission as I wanted to get a few things  
> into 1.2. My intent was to take care of the things that have been  
> the biggest pain-points on vmbuild, and am looking to work on a few  
> myself. I knew most of them were already filed, and I wanted to  
> cleanup the 300+ issues in Future/Unscheduled. I also added the "low  
> hanging fruit" to 1.2 (patches, NPEs, things that just need  
> verification). It ended up quite a long list (and I'm still going).  
> I may push some out again afterwards.
> Hopefully I've cleaned out a decent amount of old issues. 1.x should  
> now be the things that can feasibly fixed/added, Future is beyond 2.0.
> I wanted to suggest we set a month attempt at these issues, and push  
> out anything not done in that time. WDYT?
> Sorry for the issues@ SPAM :)
> Cheers,
> Brett
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> Brett Porter

Brett Porter

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