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From Brett Porter <>
Subject refactoring the SCM
Date Sun, 27 Apr 2008 14:02:17 GMT

I've started to do some refactoring - this is along the way to the  
builder separation I mentioned earlier.

If you have a moment, please review r 651947. It's on a branch, but  
I'd like to regularly merge to trunk if there are no objects to avoid  
getting too distant. I have more tests to write for this first.

All I've done is pulled the DefaultContinuumScm class out into a  
separate module, and decoupled it from the model. It already contained  
some logic related to the SCMs (which may actually need to go back  
into Maven SCM itself). I pulled the logging and database updates back  
into the actions in code (this did result in some duplication, but I  
can clean that up later). It also showed that some code was never  
having its results used, and also started to expose some exception  
handling bugs. I stopped wrapping exceptions and results, choosing to  
use the Maven SCM API natively.


Anyone that is knowledgable in Spring, please check my work :) Is  
there a way to easily populate maps of beans, instead of hard coding  
the providers?


Brett Porter

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