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From Brett Porter <>
Subject changes in JIRA
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 09:37:59 GMT
Hi folks,

I went on a bit of a cleanup mission as I wanted to get a few things  
into 1.2. My intent was to take care of the things that have been the  
biggest pain-points on vmbuild, and am looking to work on a few  
myself. I knew most of them were already filed, and I wanted to  
cleanup the 300+ issues in Future/Unscheduled. I also added the "low  
hanging fruit" to 1.2 (patches, NPEs, things that just need  
verification). It ended up quite a long list (and I'm still going). I  
may push some out again afterwards.

Hopefully I've cleaned out a decent amount of old issues. 1.x should  
now be the things that can feasibly fixed/added, Future is beyond 2.0.

I wanted to suggest we set a month attempt at these issues, and push  
out anything not done in that time. WDYT?

Sorry for the issues@ SPAM :)


Brett Porter

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