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From "Joakim Erdfelt" <>
Subject How does continuum detect a test success/failure?
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2008 17:13:54 GMT
I'm working on getting a few non-standard testing tools (ones that do not
have surefire providers, re:jtest) into the build process, and would like
to get continuum to recognize test success and/or failure from those tools

How does continuum detect or consume this information (so that I can
massage the results into a format that continuum can chunk on).

Does it work off of maven exit codes?
Does it work off of an Exception from maven?
Does it work off of a keyword in the build output (SYSOUT)?
Does it work off of the existance and contents of the
target/surefire-reports/*.xml file?
Or some combination of the above?

  * Using maven 2.0.x series.
  * Testing occurs during testing phase, but not within surefire.
  * Plugin can be created to massage the results into a format suitable
for continuum.

- Joakim

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