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From Christian Edward Gruber <>
Subject Re: [Discussion] Continuum 2.0 Roadmap
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 03:31:55 GMT
Oh, and Tapestry5 is pretty high-performance, in my initial experience.


On 5-Feb-08, at 22:12 , Christian Edward Gruber wrote:

> Toplink is mentioned, but it's a commercial app, and I don't think  
> they'll license it in a way that's compatible (unless they've  
> radically changed policies recently).  I'm not a huge hibernate fan,  
> but at least its supported.  At least with JPA and decent  
> abstraction, you should be able to have more "swapability" though at  
> the O/R-M level I find it's rare to get true swapability.
> I've been using and supporting spring for a long time, but after  
> doing some tapestry work, and re-thinking IoC approaches, I'm moving  
> in favor of picocontainer.  Tapestry doesn't use picocontainer but  
> has an IoC framework that's got some similar design concepts.   
> Actually, that gets to another point, which is that Tapestry is  
> happy and easy and fun (well, T5), and since it comes with an IoC  
> framework that can integrate cleanly with Spring if we want that  
> benefit, you can get the whole kit together.
> The other nice thing about Tapestry, is that several people have  
> made "quickstart" projects which include everything Continuum would  
> likely use including Spring, spring-acegi, hibernate/jpa, etc.  One  
> could use that as a structural basis, and T5 is (currently) built  
> with maven, and will at least be deployed to maven repositories in  
> perpetuity.
> Christian.
> On 5-Feb-08, at 19:12 , Carlos Sanchez wrote:
>> Some comments
>> Database vs xml: definitely database. Throwing away the db access api
>> (JDO/JPA/...) now that it's already there doesnt make much sense.
>> Maybe there are implementations that use xml for storage and that's
>> where you'd need to look if you want file storage
>> Spring vs Guice vs Plexus: Spring for sure. Big community, lots of
>> users, documentation, support,... Specially if you want to add JMX
>> support (can be done really easily just with annotations using
>> reflection), and thinking in OSGi in the future I'm sure it will be
>> really easy to integrate Spring and OSGi if it is not already. I'd
>> start softly, just migrating thing that would require adding features
>> to plexus, and move from there.
>> I agree with Brett on having 1.2, 1.3,... it's good to have a list of
>> what you want to do for 2.0 but as it gets done it should be released
>> in minor versions.
>> On Jan 29, 2008 2:34 PM, Emmanuel Venisse <>  
>> wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I started a document [1] with my ideas about Continuum 2.
>>> As you can see in this doc, I want to add lot of things in the  
>>> next version.
>>> Feel free to comment on it.
>>> [1]
>>> Emmanuel
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