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From Rahul Thakur <>
Subject Re: [Discussion] Continuum 2.0 Roadmap
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 10:25:27 GMT
Some good points emerging from this discussion! :-)

Would it be a nice idea to put following on wiki:
1)  State goals/philosophy for C2 in light of lessons learnt from 1.x 
development - lean, mean, extensible (~add any other here~)
2)  Document *all* features/requirements we want to see in C2 on wiki 
(even if they are already present in 1.x!).
3)  Draw a proposed architecture.
4)  Assign items in (1) a priority/weight. Add use-cases to each item in 
(1) to determine this.
5)  Group the priortised requirements/features into milestones.
6)  Start cutting code.


PS: Codehaus wiki seems to be very slow. Any chance we can have a space 
created on Apache wiki? Or, I guess it will have to wait for TLP vote.


Brett Porter wrote:
> This looks very exciting, and agree with most of the thread that 
> follows. I'm just going to reply in summary - most of my thoughts are 
> actually non-technical :)
> Regarding databases: I don't think xml files are the solution (except 
> for the configuration where it makes a lot more sense :) - the data 
> needs to be queryable. I think Andy made a good point in his comment 
> on the roadmap - we need to look at the actual problems. Here's what I 
> think needs to be improved:
> - better centralisation of access. The architecture of Continuum 
> bleeds JDO decisions all through the code since you access lazy stuff 
> for the first time in obscure places.
> - I think this might be that the model is too complicated (sorry, my 
> fault) - it assumes complex relationships are handled easily. It seems 
> to be going ok these days, but I feel it would be hard to modify.
> I haven't looked at Rahul's branch yet, but I think we should consider 
> a more decoupled database (ie, lookup build results for a project but 
> keep them separate in the model to avoid the need to lazyload 90% of 
> the time), and more centralised database logic. I would consider JPA 
> just because it gives more options in terms of an implementation. It 
> is quite easy to use from a development standpoint. But we also need 
> to consider what functionality is needed up front - I think high on 
> the list needs to be migrations between versions. Also, We are 
> probably going to need to store more data in the future, and be able 
> to query it (particularly historical datapoints).
> On the container: I would prefer to move off Plexus simply because 
> it's a moving target and it's a barrier to entry for new developers.
> Now, my more general observations. Firstly, the roadmap doesn't appear 
> to have any features - these are all technology changes. Some of that 
> might be cool and a feature in itself, but I think there needs to be a 
> balance between evolution, features, and bugfixing. I would also 
> emphasise that features should be creative new things Continuum can do 
> (for which we've had plenty of ideas), not just catching up to other 
> CI servers :)
> I think the first part of the roadmap is key - separating the layers 
> out, and basically building Continuum to be lightweight and 
> distributed from the ground up. I hope that's the focus of the 
> development. Note this also impacts the database as it should store 
> much less information on builder machines (it can ship history back to 
> the main server).
> I also think that supporting plugins is a good idea - it has been a 
> huge bonus in other apps and in Maven itself. I'd like to investigate 
> using OSGi for this.
> But by far the biggest question I have is what happened to 1.2? I 
> think Continuum needs to set a target to achieve, but get there in 
> gradual steps that at each stage sees a production release. The long 
> 1.1 cycle really set Continuum back - a lot of it was changing 
> features, but there was also a lot of changing technologies :) I don't 
> think Continuum will survive another year-and-a-half release cycle. So 
> the start could be to break all the actions out (plexus, not webwork) 
> into services and add some features, then the next release could 
> adjust the database model and add some other features. And as we split 
> these things out we make sure they are nicely documented and tested.
> That's my thoughts :)
> Cheers,
> Brett
> On 30/01/2008, at 9:34 AM, Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>> Hi
>> I started a document [1] with my ideas about Continuum 2.
>> As you can see in this doc, I want to add lot of things in the next 
>> version.
>> Feel free to comment on it.
>> [1]
>> Emmanuel

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