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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: converting from 1.0.3
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 10:22:51 GMT

Brett Porter a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm anticipating this could be a common question after 1.1 is released - 
> was there a decision made about whether the data converter should 
> support importing from 1.0.3 projects?

No decision for the moment.

> I know this was something I was going to implement that I never quite 
> got around to after finishing the bits to convert from other 1.1 alphas 
> - but if the data management is working ok now then it might be a good 
> alternative.

We have always some issues with data management. I'm looking at a XML-RPC client to Backup/Restore
all datas that would be more robust than the data management anxd won't use lot of memory
because it 
won't load all data from the db in one JDO request.

About 1.0.3 migration, I'm not sure we can do it correctly, because we have lot of changes
in the db and with a migration some data won't be set, but maybe it's possible.


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