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From "olivier lamy" <>
Subject Re: Continuum 1.2 Roadmap
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 20:58:44 GMT

2007/10/3, Emmanuel Venisse <>:
>We are near the end of 1.1, it's time to discuss of 1.2 roadmap :)
>For this new version, my vision is:
>- Rewrite all the UI with a full GWT site. I want to migrate to GWT
>because we need better performance on the UI even if it is correct now.
>The second point is that with GWT (and Ajax in general)
>we'll can add nice features (maybe not in 1.2) to users like auto-refresh
>of small part of pages, users spaces, dynamic chart... And the last point>
>of the GWT choice is all the code is written in java>
>with a verification of all parts by the compiler (properties undeclared or>
>unused, css style doesn't exist,...) so we'll reduce typo errors that we
>got sometimes.

GWT looks fun (even if the webapp part is now enough fast) (IMHO the ui part
is not the most important it's just marketing :-))
We can already use ajax with Ajax./*Periodical*/Updater which is included in
prototype and easy to use.

>- Externalization of all the configuration. In this version, I want to
>move all the conf that is actually embedded in application.xml to a file
>more visible by the user. We can use plexus-registry for

>- Better support of XML-RPC and other remote access (XFire, ...). For this
>point, I think it would be good to share the code with the GWT part with
>some services classes that will embed all the
>"remote" code with security checks
 In the next days, I will try starting some work on the xfire support.

>- Better support of maven projects. Actually, we detect if a build is
>required by looking at scm changes and dependencies changes. The problem
>is in dependencies changes. We look only at dependencies
>that are a continuum project too, it would be good to check repositories
>to find if a new version exists like maven do it. An other problem with
>dependencies changes is we don't really check if a new
>version exists but only if a new build result was created, it's a problem
>in case of projects with more than one build definition (for example
>"clean install" and "site"). If a site is generated, a
>new build result is created and continuum consider it as a dependency
>change so it rebuild all dependent projects in the next step.
Sure will be a nice feature.

>About GWT, I found few guys (6) that want to spend some time to do the
>migration and investigate on some new UI features.This roadmap is short
because I don't want to wait a new time a long wait
>before to release a new 1.x version and I'd like to attract new users. I'd
>like to release 1.2 betfore the end of the year.

I'd like we start to think about plugins/extensions (other ci have this)
maybe starting with a builderListener (pre/post build) (this could be a
plexus component and we could provide archetype for users)

>I'll send a new mail in few weeks about 2.0 roadmap that will require more



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