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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject [announce] Continuum 1.1-beta-4 is released
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2007 15:58:16 GMT
The Continuum team is pleased to announce the Continuum 1.1-beta-4 release

Highlights are:

     * lot of bug fixes
     * A new page to view the build queue
     * Customization of mail subject

You can grab the latest release from the download page :

To upgrade from a previous 1.1 beta, you can look at Upgrade Guide :

Below is the jira release notes for this release.

Release Notes - Continuum - Version 1.1-beta-4


     * [CONTINUUM-1499] - Translate to Brazilian Portuguese
     * [CONTINUUM-1534] - Translate to French


     * [CONTINUUM-811] - Documentation of Deployment Repository Directory
     * [CONTINUUM-1355] - No admin user found after Tomcat shutdown (Tomcat doesn't shutdown
     * [CONTINUUM-1392] - Continuum tests require too much external set up
     * [CONTINUUM-1403] - Error on edit project group page
     * [CONTINUUM-1453] - Confirmation Page for Deleting a Build Definition is not Informative
     * [CONTINUUM-1466] - Project name accepts blank spaces when edited in Project Summary
> Members Tab > Edit Project
     * [CONTINUUM-1473] - Server Id in wagon notifier edit pages is required but doesn't have
     * [CONTINUUM-1474] - At the time of an addition of new BuildDefinition with XmlRPC client,
the automatically generated buildDefinitionID cannot be recovered
     * [CONTINUUM-1476] - warning/error in the mail generation
     * [CONTINUUM-1481] - datamanagement-cli must support more db
     * [CONTINUUM-1487] - should not be allowed to delete a build result that is still executing
     * [CONTINUUM-1491] - Build history screen should show build definition description
     * [CONTINUUM-1494] - Maximum length for name column exceeded in makeAndStoreBuildResult
     * [CONTINUUM-1495] - Calling getAllProjectGroups() fails
     * [CONTINUUM-1502] - After changing the name of a project group, the project dissapears
and is not accessible, not even by the admin user.
     * [CONTINUUM-1508] - NullPointerException when adding an empty installation to a profile
     * [CONTINUUM-1509] - always build option doesn't work with scheduler --> log = No
files updated, not building
     * [CONTINUUM-1512] - Constraint Violation Exception when deleting an empty group
     * [CONTINUUM-1516] - Unable to send mail with more than one build definition
     * [CONTINUUM-1517] - missing includeBuildResult configuration
     * [CONTINUUM-1519] - Continuum does not respect build order for flat projects
     * [CONTINUUM-1520] - Scheduler is unstable
     * [CONTINUUM-1524] - Continuum don't find the default build definition for ANT/Shell
     * [CONTINUUM-1527] - NullPointer when Releasing without configuration node in the maven-release-plugin
     * [CONTINUUM-1530] - Problems releasing project in group with more than one project definition
     * [CONTINUUM-1532] - Remove TestResult/SuiteResult/TestCaseFailure from the model


     * [CONTINUUM-150] - Continuum site needs screenshots
     * [CONTINUUM-606] - Add Build Time to Project Summary Page
     * [CONTINUUM-703] - Display of last build date on Project Summary page
     * [CONTINUUM-789] - Show SCM branch/tag on summary screen
     * [CONTINUUM-815] - directory configuration
     * [CONTINUUM-1233] - Reduce number of clicks to add a project
     * [CONTINUUM-1254] - Clarification of Configuring Continuum as a Service in "Getting
Started" Guide
     * [CONTINUUM-1388] - the NOTICE file is overzealous in declaring dependencies
     * [CONTINUUM-1436] - Add build definition template
     * [CONTINUUM-1483] - Better support for SCM like clearcase or SYNERGY
     * [CONTINUUM-1484] - Allow customization of email subject
     * [CONTINUUM-1493] - Data migration site documentation improvement
     * [CONTINUUM-1500] - remove ContinuumStore use from the webapp part
     * [CONTINUUM-1514] - Legend is hardcoded

New Feature

     * [CONTINUUM-310] - customisable email templates
     * [CONTINUUM-583] - Show the build/checkout queues on the web interface
     * [CONTINUUM-1287] - editable build queue
     * [CONTINUUM-1328] - create build-definition-templates and link to them in build-definitons
     * [CONTINUUM-1331] - create new page: show current build queue with project name, next
build time
     * [CONTINUUM-1332] - project group summary: show per project the last build time


     * [CONTINUUM-253] - Create a matrix of databases that Continuum can work with


     * [CONTINUUM-409] - Email notifications could still include build stats when includeBuildResult
is false
     * [CONTINUUM-1452] - Show a summary total of the Projects and Build Status columns on
the Project Groups page

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