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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: next release
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2007 08:57:01 GMT

Brett Porter a écrit :
> I'm happy to bump 1475. I think 1388 needs to be fixed before a final 
> release though?

I don't think it need to be fixed for the final release (all maven plugins and maven are released
actually with it without complaint) but if you really want it for the final release, I can
work on 
this issue and do the release few days later.

> What about the 12 issues in 1.1 - are they all docs? Are you saying 
> they'll just be addressed after the release?

No, they aren't all documented, I'd want to work on them in next days and maybe finished them
after the release.

> I think it's very close, I wonder if it might be worth having one last 
> beta to get a bit of feedback to see if there is any blockers while the 
> docs, etc are done?

I understand

> Just my 2c, I'm happy either way :)
> - Brett
> On 17/10/2007, at 6:31 PM, Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In jira, we have now 3 issues opened, I don't think I'll can fix 
>> CONTINUUM-1388 before the release because it require changes and 
>> releases of remote-resources-plugin, apache-jar-resource-bundle and 
>> maven parent pom.
>> I'm not sure to fix CONTINUUM-1475 too.
>> About the docs, we have already few pages done, I'll can work on 
>> others in next days.
>> What do you think about the version to use for the continuum release? 
>> We have two choices: 1.1-beta-4 or 1.1 final.
>> Personnally, I'd prefer 1.1 final. I tested all parts and all seems to 
>> be ok, I just need to test more the ANT/shell part.
>> I'd like to prepare the Continuum release next week.
>> Emmanuel
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