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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: CONTINUUM-310 - customizable email templates
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 12:02:00 GMT

Tomislav Stojcevich a écrit :
> I think it should be re-opened since there still is no way to
> completely customize the template itself other than turning on and off
> the output and summary.  In my case the turning on the summary wiith
> the build output turned off will give me what I want but it is still
> too much.  I'd like to be able to customize further, there are only a
> couple of things from the summary that I want to see.  We could
> continue to add flags to the xml file and if checks within the
> template but where does it stop?
> And what about internationalization? that would have to be a separate
> issue but allowing access to be able to modify the templates directly
> would at least let those users that really need to change the language
> of the text that is hardcoded in the template to be able to do it
> should they need to.
> So how about my idea about extracting the templates from the core jar
> into the webapp during the webapp build, that way they can be directly
> modified?  This at least allows the default templates to be
> customizable easily.

I don't think it's the best solution. IMO, it would be better to allow the user to choose
the template he want to use if he don't want the default.
> Another issue should be opened to provide the functionality that Rahul
> is suggesting about allowing different templates per group or project.
>  That would involve more changes.  There would have to be a place in
> the database to store template location per project or group or
> possibly store the template itself and provide a template edit screen.

If we allow to have a template per group or project, in fact per mail notifier, it's easy
to add this feature if the one above is implemented. We can store it in the mail notifier
configuration field 
so we don't need to change the db schema for it.


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