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From "Emmanuel Venisse" <>
Subject Continuum 1.2 Roadmap
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 20:04:24 GMT

We are near the end of 1.1, it's time to discuss of 1.2 roadmap :)

For this new version, my vision is:

- Rewrite all the UI with a full GWT site. I want to migrate to GWT
because we need better performance on the UI even if it is correct now.
The second point is that with GWT (and Ajax in general)
we'll can add nice features (maybe not in 1.2) to users like auto-refresh
of small part of pages, users spaces, dynamic chart... And the last point
of the GWT choice is all the code is written in java
with a verification of all parts by the compiler (properties undeclared or
unused, css style doesn't exist,...) so we'll reduce typo errors that we
got sometimes.

- Externalization of all the configuration. In this version, I want to
move all the conf that is actually embedded in application.xml to a file
more visible by the user. We can use plexus-registry for

- Better support of XML-RPC and other remote access (XFire, ...). For this
point, I think it would be good to share the code with the GWT part with
some services classes that will embed all the
"remote" code with security checks

- Better support of maven projects. Actually, we detect if a build is
required by looking at scm changes and dependencies changes. The problem
is in dependencies changes. We look only at dependencies
that are a continuum project too, it would be good to check repositories
to find if a new version exists like maven do it. An other problem with
dependencies changes is we don't really check if a new
version exists but only if a new build result was created, it's a problem
in case of projects with more than one build definition (for example
"clean install" and "site"). If a site is generated, a
new build result is created and continuum consider it as a dependency
change so it rebuild all dependent projects in the next step.

About GWT, I found few guys (6) that want to spend some time to do the
migration and investigate on some new UI features.

This roadmap is short because I don't want to wait a new time a long wait
before to release a new 1.x version and I'd like to attract new users. I'd
like to release 1.2 betfore the end of the year.

I'll send a new mail in few weeks about 2.0 roadmap that will require more



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