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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: The specified resource isn't a file or the protocol used isn't allowed.
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2007 12:10:40 GMT

Graham Leggett a écrit :
> On Mon, September 3, 2007 1:47 pm, Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>>> When you say it works fine, are you referring to continuum v1.1 beta 2
>>> installed brand new from scratch, or are you using previous versions
>>> that
>>> have been upgraded?
>> both and beta-3-SNAPSHOT too :)
> Let me try trunk and see if the problem still exists.


>> dev list is for development/developer discussions. All other discussions
>> are for users list
> Bugs are a development discussion, and I'm pretty certain at this point
> that what I am seeing is a bug. I am after people who know the underlying
> code in the hope that I may contribute a patch once the problem has been
> isolated and fixed.
I am the one that apply the majority of patches, I'm sorry to insist but the dev list is for
dev discussion like design, new features, etc we want to introduce
bugs must be discussed on the users list so other users can have the same issue will can find/read
the thread and contribute to the discussion too.

If you want to talk about an issue, the bast way is to discuss about it on the users list,
then you can open an issue in jira if we don't have already one about it and eventually submit
a patch.


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