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From Brett Porter <>
Subject brief notes: upgrading 1.1-beta-1 to 1.1-beta-2
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2007 05:31:43 GMT
Here's what I did (this is a once off thing, though we really need to  
make sure changes are backwards compatible and can handle missing  
metadata in the future...)

- run data-management from 1.1-beta-1 to export the build database (I  
had to build this from source)
- edit the exported builds.xml to add <installationId>1</ 
installationId> to each installation (using sequential numbers)
- change name="..." to installationId="..." in each profile by  
replacing the name with the corresponding installation ID
- comment out the environmentVariables profile since it would cause a  
duplicate PK (maybe a bug in the data management)
- import the database again using data management from 1.1-beta-2.

In case anyone needs it :)


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