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From "LAMY Olivier" <>
Subject RE: Proposition for CONTINUUM-798
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2007 06:52:44 GMT
IMHO, this can't be "automatic" because CONTINUUM-774 has been fixed.
If you use this option this means you don't want to checkout child modules as a separate project
even if it's a new module.
A parameter could be add (at the project level) to say something "automaticAddChildModules"
or an other name ;-).


-----Message d'origine-----
De : Maria Odea Ching [] 
Envoyé : mercredi 11 juillet 2007 08:41
À : Maven Developers List;
Objet : Proposition for CONTINUUM-798

Hi All,

I'm trying to fix up,
which is "Modules automatic discovery". I think the patch submitted is already outdated and
there was the issue about recursive modules.

Anyway, below is how I thought to implement the fix for this:

Create an "update-modules" action in continuum-core that will check for new modules in the
pom. The action would be invoked when a project build is triggered (forced or scheduled),
after the project is updated from SCM (in DefaultBuildController).

To add the new module to Continuum, I think we could make use of the
addMavenTwoProject(..) method in DefaultContinuum. We can derive the required parameters from
the parent project. The metadata url can be gotten from the SCM url of the parent  (since
the SCM urls of modules are just constructed from the parent project's SCM url by inserting
the module's name in the url). The group id can also be derived from the parent project, as
well as the SCM username and SCM password.

Then after the module is added and checked-out.. the project can just be added in the build
queue so that it will be included in the triggered build.

 From the above implementation, I think we can recurse even through the modules if they are
multi-module projects as well.

What do you guys think? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :-)


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