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From Maria Odea Ching <>
Subject Re: Proposition for CONTINUUM-798
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2007 08:47:35 GMT
Sorry, I didn't see these before I sent my last email. Anyway, I guess 
some of the things I wrote there was already answered in the thread :-)


Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
> Brett Porter a écrit :
>> On 11/07/2007, at 5:51 PM, Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>>> Brett Porter a écrit :
>>>> This sounds fine to me.
>>>> Questions I think weren't answered here:
>>>> - how do you track when the modules change - by comparing <modules>

>>>> to the list of projects in a group? If so, how to handle the edge 
>>>> cases where extra projects are added to or removed from a group 
>>>> aside from the modules?
>>>> - how do you handle the removal of a module from a POM when the 
>>>> project is still in Continuum? Will that just delete the project, 
>>>> and if so what happens to the build history, etc.? (sounds dangerous!)
>>> I don't think we should delete projects that are already in 
>>> Continuum, it should be a manual opration done by a group admin.
>> I agree - what I'm wondering is how the group admin knows to do so 
>> (for now, a simple email should probably suffice).
> agree. Wed can add too a "ToDo" page that list actions to do. The 
> admin can accept or refused the action.
> In this page we'd can list all actions done on a group (project 
> added/deleted/modified, the user that done the action...), but it is 
> an other feature :)
> Emmanuel

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