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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Solving the notification problem
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 02:10:31 GMT

On 01/08/2007, at 12:01 PM, Jesse McConnell wrote:

> well, 1.1 is in beta now so ideally no more features, but maybe we  
> just call
> this a bug fix for now..

yeah, I'm looking more for a small improvement than a revolution.  
Avoiding schema changes and such. I really should have said something  
before beta-1.

> I guess the first suggestion might be a batch email option with a  
> summary
> presented at the top of the mail...that would almost have to be on  
> a per
> notifier though, but that is made easier by the group level inherited
> notifiers...That is another db schema change though :)

Yeah, and we don't really have anything that can keep track of when  
to send that - there's no notion of a group schedule.

> We could alter the notifications to prepare web reports that have  
> the links
> mailed out, and suppress mails based on time or if a given link has  
> been
> mailed recently.

We already have the web reports, so maybe a configurable time  
threshold is the best (ok, it might require an addition to the  
notifier schema, but it's innocuous.... :)

> what conditions do we find the highest lvl of easily ignorable  
> mails go out?
> I can think of things like SCM outage and things like that...out of  
> memory
> errors...

Errors are definitely the biggest nuisance, and probably chain  
reaction failures. If we could even take care of the error condition  
stuff it might be enough.

- Brett

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