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From Jan Lisse <>
Subject XML-RPC API for 1.1 alpha2
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 08:48:50 GMT

I had a look at the ContinuumService Interface of the XML RPC API in the
current sources.  At the moment the service lacks a method where i can
retrieve all projects or project groups without specifying a parameter
(in 1.0.3 this was possible). There are only methods where i have to
pass in a group or project id.
I need this functionality to call the service from a svn post commit
script. For that purpose i only have information about the accessed path
in the repository but no group or project id.  Thus
i want to be able to scroll through all projects in the Continuum
system, to find the matching one.
I already posted this on the users list but got no answer...
It would be nice if this could be added. If you have no capacities for
adding this functionality i would volunteer and do it by myself.


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