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From "Jesse McConnell" <>
Subject Re: Preparing for continuum-1.1-alpha-1
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 20:01:32 GMT
I have gone through jira issues there were assigned to 1.1 and spread
things out a bit.

here is my criteria I used in separating out the issues:

1.1-alpha-1 -> issues that need to be addressed asap before we pull
any kinda alpha
1.1-alpha-2 -> higher importance issues and ones generally related to xml-rpc
1.1-alpha-# -> issues that probably ought to be resolved in the alpha releases
Future -> stuff that probably ain't going to get done any day soon

the idea being that we can make new sequential release issues off of
the 1.1-alpha-# release tag until we are done with alpha releases.  I
think once 1.1-alpha-1 is released then we can go through 1.1-alpha-2
and decide what should be done, make a new release called 1.1-alpha-3
and bulk move issues that aren't going to be addressed then (like
maybe all the xml-rpc issues)

I think we shouldn't worry about making these actually releases cut
with the maven-release-plugin.  I say we just make a build and get it
available for download.  Also tag the continuum trunk accordingly.
Then we ought to try to release a new alpha every few weeks until we
have the alpha-# issues converging towards 0.

When we actually get to beta/rc releases then we can cut actual releases.

Now about my allocation of issues, its not gospel!  If you disagree
with any of my assigning of fix versions then just fix it yourself
(the version, or better yet the bug).

At the time of this writing I have the 1.1-alpha-1 release down to a
modest 8 issues with a few of those questionable and/or waiting for a
bit of feedback.  I have yet to go through the 200 or so unfiled
issues though so that might go up a bit, I'll do that now.


On 3/7/07, Emmanuel Venisse <> wrote:
> We don't need it the migration tool now. We'll can see to it when we'll release a first
beta on rc.
> Emmanuel
> Brett Porter a écrit :
> >
> > On 07/03/2007, at 9:52 AM, Jesse McConnell wrote:
> >
> >> Ok, well the little poll thread I made seemed to be strongly in favor
> >> of getting things pulled together to start getting alpha releases out
> >> of continuum.  So with that in mind here is a list of a few things
> >> that we need to get in order for an alpha release that I shamelessly
> >> started base on bretts comments
> >>
> >> - properly mark up the model as it was for 1.0.3 release
> >> - add methods to continuum-data-management to utilise that and then
> >> make any necessary transformations (c-d-m will do the basic 1-to-1
> >> conversions)
> >> - probably write a little CLI to fire it off.
> >> - vet jira for a 1.1 alpha 1 release version and maybe schedule out a
> >> couple of alpha-# releases.
> >>
> >> I think I'll start in on the data management bit now since that seems
> >> like the biggest hurdle.  I am not convinced we really need to worry
> >> about a continuum 1.0.3 -> continuum 1.1 migration ability...its not a
> >> difficult thing to get projects loaded back up into continuum...but
> >> we'll see I guess.
> >
> > It is a pain, but having said that we could potentially add it in a
> > later milestone. I wouldn't want a final version without it.
> >
> >>
> >> anyone have anything to add?
> >>
> >> jesse
> >>
> >> --jesse mcconnell
> >>
> >
> >
> >

jesse mcconnell
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