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From Trygve Laugstøl <>
Subject Re: Preparing for continuum-1.1-alpha-1
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2007 08:39:23 GMT
Jesse McConnell wrote:
>> > I think we shouldn't worry about making these actually releases cut
>> > with the maven-release-plugin.  I say we just make a build and get it
>> > available for download.  Also tag the continuum trunk accordingly.
>> > Then we ought to try to release a new alpha every few weeks until we
>> > have the alpha-# issues converging towards 0.
>> Why not? Using the Maven plugin is generally easier than doing it by
>> hand. Only issue that comes to mind are snapshots dependencies.
> having to resolve the snapshot dependencies are precisely the reason I
> didn't want to mess with the maven release plugin for this.  I would
> have to release a new plexus-security and probably a couple of other
> little higgly piggly bits.  I think we can get by with the timestamped
> SNAPSHOT dependencies for these things, means we can release alpha's
> more frequently as well since we don't have to deal with
> micro-releasing the dependencies each time.

+1 for timestamped snapshots.

Can we get these pushed to the releases repository so it's possible to 
build the alpha later? Or perhaps we don't care about the exact 
reproducibility of the alphas? People can build the dependent sources 
from subversion after all (yay open source).

>> Seems like a good pick, but I have a couple of comments:
>> CONTINUUM-253: why? can't it be done after the release?
> it can, it is just done partially in a couple of places and I thought
> it might be nice to have that all collated together, but can
> be pushed a bit

I'm just trying to push, it's totally up to you as you're doing the work 
and I'm just bitching.

>> CONTINUUM-827: sounds to me like this is something that can take a
>> while, is it worth waiting for? Remember that the target for the next
>> alpha should be within a month.
> fine by me :)
>> What is the time estimate on completing all of the issues?
> I want to see this pushed this week and then every couple of weeks
> from here on out.



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