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From Trygve Laugstøl <>
Subject Re: Preparing for continuum-1.1-alpha-1
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 09:07:37 GMT
Jesse McConnell wrote:
> I have gone through jira issues there were assigned to 1.1 and spread
> things out a bit.
> here is my criteria I used in separating out the issues:
> 1.1-alpha-1 -> issues that need to be addressed asap before we pull
> any kinda alpha
> 1.1-alpha-2 -> higher importance issues and ones generally related to 
> xml-rpc
> 1.1-alpha-# -> issues that probably ought to be resolved in the alpha 
> releases
> Future -> stuff that probably ain't going to get done any day soon
> the idea being that we can make new sequential release issues off of
> the 1.1-alpha-# release tag until we are done with alpha releases.  I
> think once 1.1-alpha-1 is released then we can go through 1.1-alpha-2
> and decide what should be done, make a new release called 1.1-alpha-3
> and bulk move issues that aren't going to be addressed then (like
> maybe all the xml-rpc issues)
> I think we shouldn't worry about making these actually releases cut
> with the maven-release-plugin.  I say we just make a build and get it
> available for download.  Also tag the continuum trunk accordingly.
> Then we ought to try to release a new alpha every few weeks until we
> have the alpha-# issues converging towards 0.

Why not? Using the Maven plugin is generally easier than doing it by 
hand. Only issue that comes to mind are snapshots dependencies.

> When we actually get to beta/rc releases then we can cut actual releases.
> Now about my allocation of issues, its not gospel!  If you disagree
> with any of my assigning of fix versions then just fix it yourself
> (the version, or better yet the bug).
> At the time of this writing I have the 1.1-alpha-1 release down to a
> modest 8 issues with a few of those questionable and/or waiting for a
> bit of feedback.  I have yet to go through the 200 or so unfiled
> issues though so that might go up a bit, I'll do that now.

Seems like a good pick, but I have a couple of comments:

CONTINUUM-253: why? can't it be done after the release?
CONTINUUM-827: sounds to me like this is something that can take a 
while, is it worth waiting for? Remember that the target for the next 
alpha should be within a month.

What is the time estimate on completing all of the issues?


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