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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Towards full ClearCase integration
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 13:15:32 GMT

Do you have any plans for ClearCase UCM?


On 20 Mar 07, at 8:56 AM 20 Mar 07, Emmanuel Venisse wrote:

> ArneD a écrit :
>> Hi Emmanuel,
>> after SCM-287 has been applied, I still see the following problem  
>> with the
>> Maven/Continuum and ClearCase integration.
>> The ClearCase implementation of the checkout command for ClearCase  
>> creates a
>> ClearCase snapshot view. Such a snaphsot view is very similiar to  
>> a CVS or
>> Subversion checkout directory, but one major difference is the  
>> directory
>> structure. To make it clear, consider the following example:
>> Consider you have checked out the project MY_VOB/my/project to
>> d:\continuum-work\167:
>> - When working with CVS or SVN, you would find the POM file at
>> d:\continuum-work\167\pom.xml.
>> - With ClearCase, the location would be
>> d:\continuum-work\167\MY_VOB\my\project\pom.xml. This means that the
>> directory structure within the configuration management system, is  
>> repeated
>> in every view (checkout directory). AFAIK it is not possible to  
>> change this
>> ClearCase behaviour.
>> This leads to the following problems:
>> - After adding a project to Continuum, the build cannot be  
>> performed because
>> the POM file cannot be found. The build definition has to be changed
>> manually, so that the POM file location is e.g. "MY_VOB/my/project/ 
>> pom.xml"
>> instead of "pom.xml".
>> - The maven-release-manager performs a clean checkout from a tag  
>> to the
>> target/checkout directory, and then runs the build in that checkout
>> directory. Same problem here, it would have to be run in e.g.
>> "target/checkout/MY_VOB/my/project" instead of just "target/ 
>> checkout".
>> One solution could be to add an attribute to CheckOutScmResult  
>> that contains
>> the path of the project directory relative to the checkout  
>> directory. By
>> default, it would be "" or "./" (could be a String or or
>> whatever fits best). But the ClearCaseCheckOutCommand could set e.g.
>> "MY_VOB/my/project" instead. (Notice that this would only be  
>> possible with
>> auto-generated config specs as introduced by SCM-287).
>> Continuum and maven-release-manager (as well as other users of
>> ScmProvider.checkout) should pay attention to this relative path  
>> attribute
>> accordingly.
>> Let me know what you think. I can file a JIRA issue if you want.
> I think it's a good idea. If we can set automatically the pom.xml  
> path, it's great.
> Yes, you can file an issue and if possible attach a patch for Maven- 
> SCM, Continuum and maven-release plugin
> Emmanuel

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