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From "Carlos Sanchez" <>
Subject Re: Preparing for continuum-1.1-alpha-1
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2007 18:09:12 GMT
On 3/13/07, Jesse McConnell <> wrote:
> to be perfectly honest, I think there are a number of smelly parts
> inside of continuum right now, I have worked out designs and written
> mails on the subject a number of times to this list, but I haven't had
> the time to just sit down and fix the things I find most annoying, I
> tried with rahul back around xmas but I wasn't able to focus on it
> like I had one of my prime motivations in pushing to get
> this released as an alpha is to, as trygve said, just get something
> out there since its been so long.  There are a lot of nice
> improvements in continuum, but there are a chunk of nasties that I
> think with the proper time and some motivation we can get ironed out.

exactly, there are smelly parts that you would like to fix, but there
will always be, and that shouldn't block releases. Specially in a
community, people will always find a "better" way to do something that
somebody else did, and that will get you in a vicious cycle of redoing

Anyway I think you got my point, so i'm happy ;)

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