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Subject Re: Poll: release continuum alpha
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2007 21:38:33 GMT
Sounds good and can't waiting for the milestone build with fixes


             "Jesse McConnell"                                          To 
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             23/02/2007 04:35          Poll: release continuum alpha       
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I was talking to trygve a bit on irc and it dovetailed nicely with
some plans I had talked about late last year in regard to
continuum...I am just about a month late is all.  We thought we ought
to take a poll on here about continuum and see what folks thought.
This is not a vote, its just a poll and perhaps a discussion starter
on short to mid term plans with continuum.  I just know it bothers me
a bit everytime someone pops on IRC and asks questions about continuum
1.0.3...which is quite aged atm with so many of the bugs on it
resolved on the trunk.

Question:  Should we take all the work that has been done on continuum
in the last year+ and get it pushed out as an Alpha1 or a Milestone1
or some suitable equivalent?



jesse mcconnell

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