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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Poll: release continuum alpha
Date Sat, 24 Feb 2007 17:44:59 GMT

For an alpha-1, you can't call it anything else until you push it out  
and get feedback. It's getting close to a year the codebase is quite  
different and it's like releasing something new. But I think the  
group owes it to users to get this thing out. Continuum deserves the  
garner the same criticism Maven did for taking 10 months to come up  
with another release. The release will motivate everyone again. Call  
it an alpha, send it out, get the feedback and carry on. I think it's  
more harmful not releasing at this point. It's simply been too long.


On 23 Feb 07, at 4:35 PM 23 Feb 07, Jesse McConnell wrote:

> I was talking to trygve a bit on irc and it dovetailed nicely with
> some plans I had talked about late last year in regard to
> continuum...I am just about a month late is all.  We thought we ought
> to take a poll on here about continuum and see what folks thought.
> This is not a vote, its just a poll and perhaps a discussion starter
> on short to mid term plans with continuum.  I just know it bothers me
> a bit everytime someone pops on IRC and asks questions about continuum
> 1.0.3...which is quite aged atm with so many of the bugs on it
> resolved on the trunk.
> Question:  Should we take all the work that has been done on continuum
> in the last year+ and get it pushed out as an Alpha1 or a Milestone1
> or some suitable equivalent?
> [+1/0/-1]
> jesse
> -- 
> jesse mcconnell

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