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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [discuss] iBatis, JPA and Java 5.0
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 03:59:22 GMT
I've been thinking stay with JDO for now, look at JPA in the long term.

I haven't used iBatis, and would be happy to hear some practical  
experience from people who have. I tend to think of it as "a more  
productive JDBC", as opposed to the different programming model of  

Having worked with a number of models myself on large production  
sites (straight jdbc, castor, object structured jdbc, and now jdo2),  
I really like the design of the jdo2 API. It does a good job of  
giving a nice clean API that manages to keep the declarativeness  
while still allowing good performance through fetch groups and lazy  

I think the store itself that we have is quite stable, but it's API  
is too simple.

I think that the way we use the store hasn't taken into consideration  
the way that the objects are returned (ie, they may be missing some  
fields you didn't request, etc). The way Continuum is designed means  
you get to a certain point where you want to save an object and you  
find that you can't, or you aren't saving everything you want, etc.

Changing to another type of store will make that worse and we'll  
discover the same problems and have to make the same design choices  
then. So, I'd prefer to address them first.

IMO, we need to centralise more of the object access. So, obviously  
we've centralised JDO to the store, which is good. But I think you'll  
find the use of the store itself is a little too proliferated, at  
least for the level of abstraction you have.

What you ideally want to be able to do is say that a certain set of  
actions are going to constitute the entire transaction, and do the  
reading from the store at the start and the saving at the end

I'm oversimplifying, but that's what I'm generally thinking. I  
haven't looked at that code in a year and a half though - so maybe  
it's not quite as relevant now.

- Brett

On 03/01/2007, at 2:43 PM, Rahul Thakur wrote:

> These buzzwords have been making rounds on IRC and dev list :-),  
> and after slight digging around I found a reference to a similar  
> discussion here:
> msg01251.html
> Agreed that the store implementation for Continuum should be  
> pluggable, and if we are rethinking JPOX, then IMHO it might be  
> worth taking into account JPA and Java 5.0.
> What do others think?
> Cheers,
> Rahul

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