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From Rahul Thakur <>
Subject Re: [discuss] iBatis, JPA and Java 5.0
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2007 03:05:21 GMT

> Having said all of that, my vote (which no one need care about, since 
> I haven't had much time to actually contribute code here) is to 
> support hibernate with slight abstraction on top of it (modeled on 
> JPA's entity manager), so we get the benefits of transparent 
> persistence without requiring Java 5.0 - at least until we get to the 
> point where we can run in java 5 but execute maven/ant in java 1.4 and 
> earlier.  Once we are at that point, maybe we can move to JPA (which 
> is a small delta), or at least update the abstraction some.
> If we were to decide that, hey, screw jdk 1.4, let's just go with 
> java5, then I'd just suggest going for JPA as the abstraction.  It's 
> got problems, but everything does, and it's an increasingly adopted 
> standard with some decent implementations.

Okies, purely experimental and exploring options more out of curiosity 
than anything else, here's more on this thread.....

If I gathered correctly from the #openjpa, all needed to use JPA is to 
enhance the model classes with OpenJPA Enhancer. I haven't finished 
trying it yet but I am in middle of writing an OpenJPA mojo to enhance 
the continuum model and take it for a spin with some minimal scoped 
Store operations.

Oh btw, OpenJPA source, it looks from their website, is derived from 
Kodo. I remember Jason mentioned Kodo on this thread and the Enhancer 
seems to accept .jdo files for processing.


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