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From Andy Jefferson <>
Subject Re: [discuss] iBatis, JPA and Java 5.0
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2007 19:45:58 GMT
>> JDO is not bad, but JPOX has proven to be less then robust.

> Sometime ago I joined this list to provide an easier a communication channel 
> for solving continuum/jpox issues and besides a few emails no one has ever 
> requested any help on issues neither gave any feedback. 
> JPOX is the only implementation that passes JDO 2 TCK, and less than robust
> argument does not sounds fair since you dont even ask for help. 

Only just saw this discussion and since it didn't seem to reach any conclusion 
I'll add my input :-)

We (JPOX) have made ever effort to satisfy the needs of Continuum :-
* I seem to remember making several fixes after emails from Jason and Trygve, 
for their specific mapping situations required by Continuum, and especially 
so they could meet their release deadlines.
* Following those fixes I asked Jason to raise a JIRA issue for something that 
at a time I didn't have time to answer by email. I never saw a JIRA so have 
to assume that the issue was input data rather than anything in JPOX.
* Erik has already asked (more than once) for input on *what* are the issues.
* Any JIRA raised has always been either fixed or concluded (including 2 
recent ones specific to Postgresql).

I see no outstanding JPOX JIRA issues of anything from any Continuum people. 
JPOX 1.1.6 is the latest production standard release. If you aren't using it 
then you should be.

If phrases like "less than robust" are to be used, then please let's at least 
state what JPOX JIRA issues it is referring to, and show us the respect of 
mentioning it on the JPOX Forum so we have the opportunity to reply or 
provide what you need. I don't subscribe to this list

Moving back to the original context of this thread, someone asked whether you 
ought to move to use JPA, use Java5 features etc. This is your decision, and 
i've no opinion/recommendation since you are the people 
developing/maintaining Continuum. I will say the following though :-

JPOX 1.2 series :-
* supports JDO 2.0 and JPA 1.0 persistence
* supports JPA 1.0 annotations
* supports JDO 2.1 annotations
* is OSGi extensible

The JPOX website has a comparison of JDO 2.0 and JPA 1.0. You should use 
comparisons like that for deciding what persistence API you should use. 
Needless to say that you could also go to forums like Spring and see the 
differences in behaviour between "compliant" implementations of the JPA 
standard and maybe consider what this says about the maturity of that 
standard in its 1.0 form.

Java Persistent Objects - JPOX

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