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From "Jesse McConnell" <>
Subject Re: short term branch for project/group keys
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2006 22:30:24 GMT
> Whoa. Repeat the mantra - convention over configuration :)
> One of the great strengths of Continuum is that it takes its defaults
> from Maven. Sure, they can be changeable, but they *must* be the
> default. That's not a mess.

ok, that idea is actually in my old thread on this topic..

my intention was always to be able to come up with defaults for m2
projects, via some helper class that could be configured probably in
the application.xml for the time being...basically that for m1 and m2
projects would pull whatever from the respective project files and
offer defaults for these during project addition, etc.

regarding configuration of those kinda things...I was actually really
impressed by the pebble way of configuring those things and thought
that might be a neat model for continuum or maven apps in general

> As for multiple branches - I'm not convinced either way yet. I Can
> see the merits in your example of simply making them new projects,
> but then they need to be reconfigured (often in the same way). On the
> other hand, it could be that branches should be a subsection of the
> project, not an additional project. The hierachy would be group >
> project > branch/instance. Notifiers and build definitions would be
> attached to the group or the project, and can be excluded from a
> given branch/instance if not used there.

I hadn't actually thought about taking it a notch deeper like that,
but that is a good idea...we should kick that around.

> Let's discuss that separately as it's obviously new functionality,
> whereas loading them up as new projects is a workable current
> solution. If we take the defaults, all that means is that adding a
> second one should complain, and you need to edit the key. No big deal.


There is a ton to do with continuum right now, my thinking was that of
all of them this was a good as place to start as any and should give
rahul and I some more changes to work together.

anyway, since today has been largely shot with other things I'll
probably start in on this tonight/tomorrow.  need to track down rahul
now :)


jesse mcconnell

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