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From "Jesse McConnell" <>
Subject short term branch for project/group keys
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 19:30:27 GMT
I am thinking about pulling a short term branch of continuum with
rahul and working on getting everything converted to using a string
based key project and project group reference in all apis and in all
of the UI decision making items.  He has tomorrow off so I think that
unless anyone has any big issues with it we'll try and make that
branch and work on it tomorrow.

the end result of it would be:

* int id's for project and project group in the model are for internal
store usage
* name's for project and project group are for presentation purposes only
* key's are for all api usage and passing around un URL's etc.

some quick benefits are:

* consistency across all apis and url manipulations
* ability to add quick url rewriting for direct linking of projects
* common keys across running continuum instances for clustering


jesse mcconnell

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