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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Updating JIRA
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2006 16:46:24 GMT

On 9 Dec 06, at 11:37 AM 9 Dec 06, Jesse McConnell wrote:

> right, last time I brought this up the goal was to resolve all those
> for an actual 1.1 release..

If that's the case that's cool.

> I would like to see maybe an alpha-1 release in January perhaps
> followed up a beta or two once all the confirmed new features are in
> place (like profiles, etc).

I think what is critical and what is not being done is being honest  
about over stability of the product and of the API. Provided the API  
is know to be stable and the stability of the tool itself is good  
then a beta is fine to release. We're labeling stuff like Archiva as  
beta and it's not even close which I can attest to with having to try  
and keep it up on central for the last month. This stuff cannot go  
out as beta in alpha form. People will consume releases, we just have  
to be honest about it.

> I think the decision had not be to actually break out something like
> alpha and beta releases into jira but for sanities sake perhaps we
> could reevaluate that.

I think the EAP stuff is fine and that could be considered the alphas  
but I think people like the markers. So EAPs can go out weekly, I  
think that's a good thing but even folks like Intellij releases  
betas. I think they just do the EAP thing for marketing so that it  
doesn't actually say alpha when it really is.

> I know I went through about a month ago and poked through most of the
> issues making sure they were in the right components at least...but I
> think actually breaking down further into achievable shorter term
> goals would be a good thing.

I think so. I mean it will be April before those 163 issues get  


> jesse
> On 12/9/06, Jason van Zyl <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If anything is thinking of doing a release of Continuum anytime soon
>> can you please update Continuum's JIRA so that it's representative of
>> what's going to be fixed for at least the next release like Kenney
>> and I have done for Maven itself:
>> I don't think you're doing to be fixing 163 issues for Continuum 1.1.
>> Thanks,
>> Jason.
> -- 
> jesse mcconnell

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