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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r482742 - in /maven/continuum/trunk/continuum-webapp/src/main/webapp: WEB-INF/jsp/navigations/DefaultTop.jsp css/tigris.css
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2006 10:56:52 GMT

On 06/12/2006, at 7:44 PM, Emmanuel Venisse wrote:

> I'd like to use the same css for all our web parts but I don't know  
> if I'll found the time to do it.
> If we move to the standard xhtml template, will we keep the actual  
> continuum page style?

Yes, it should look identical. I think the one area we need to work  
on more consistency is tables in the CSS, but that one could be  
applied back to the application-skin and used in all apps.

> I think it would be good to create a shared module that include the  
> header, footer, breadcrumb and css, so we'll define them at one  
> place and we'll have consistency between our webapps.

The css and images can come from the application-skin. I think the  
header, footer and breadcrumbs are necessarily different between apps  

- Brett

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