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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: build scheduling issues
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2006 09:14:42 GMT
Yes, we need a global ordering, so projects will be build independently of groups, because
in some 
case a cycle can be created between groups (not necessary between projects).

In case a cycle is detected between projects, continuum can't find the build order. In this
case, I 
think we need to sort a little project so will reduce build errors. So if we have a cycle,
we can 
sort projects in a group and build them. In most of case (maven projects), we don't have a
cycle in 
a group.


Brett Porter a écrit :
> I think you want global ordering. Grouping should just be a 
> display/management technique, not anything that changes how projects are 
> handled.
> However, this needs to be reviewed as a whole (which I think Emmanuel is 
> doing), such that builds can be triggered when their dependencies change 
> which will help with the ordering as it won't be dependant on them all 
> being triggered at the same time?
> - Brett
> On 08/11/2006, at 9:51 AM, Jesse McConnell wrote:
>> I was reading through the DefaultContinuum.buildProjects( Schedule id
>> ) method and after discussing some things with Emmanuel...I think we
>> have a problem here.  When I went through and refactored things to
>> support a more Project Group centric setup with continuum I changed
>> this method a bit.
>> Originally, this method would gather up all projects that would be
>> triggered by that schedule, run them all through the project sorter
>> and then build each in sequence.
>> When I added the project groups to this mix, I changed things to be on
>> a project group basis, so that on a project group by project group
>> basis it would order the projects and build them.  At the time I
>> thought this was the way to go...but maybe not.
>> 17:14 <evenisse> we need to take all projects from all groups, sort them
>> 17:15 <evenisse> if we don't have a cycle, it's ok and we build all
>> 17:15 <evenisse> if it isn't ok, we sort project by group
>> For example, if we loaded up a Plexus group and a Maven group...the
>> way it currently is (with my change) it would process all triggered
>> builds within one group and then process all triggered builds in the
>> other group.   This would not take into account potential dependencies
>> between the two.
>> Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  I am inclined to fix it up so
>> its like it used to be where all projects across all project groups
>> are thrown into the graph....I keep feeling like I am missing
>> something wrong with this, but I can't pin it down.
>> One thing that perhaps Emmanuel could explain a bit more is the third
>> comment there.  In our conversation on this he said that he thinks
>> that the cycles are cropping up all the time, and if thats the case
>> then we are building a lot of unordered builds which would account for
>> some of the strange reports we have been getting.  Are you saying that
>> if we detect the cycle we default back to the way I am doing it now?
>> order within the groups...
>> jesse
>> --jesse mcconnell

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