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From "Jesse McConnell" <>
Subject Project Group Notifiers
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 18:22:38 GMT
I have been working at this problem off and on for a few days and have
a bit of a stumbling block I would like a bit of feedback on..  build
definitions where easier for this since they had no equivalent POM
linkage...but thats a bit of an issue with the notifiers I am finding.

My original assumption was that any notifiers declared in the pom that
I am loading in as an m2 project would be initialized as a group
notifier.  This becomes a minor issue as the way things stand right
now I'll have to pass annoying groupPom boolean status into parts of
the loading mechanism that I really don't want to.  But then I just
got to thinking that this only addresses it part way.  Basically I
wanted to ask if people were comfortable with the following statement.

notifiers defined in the pom being loaded in as the project group pom
( the one input into the Add M2 Project page) and the notifiers
defined in the parents of that pom are all group lvl notifiers.  any
notifiers defined below that point will be attached as individual
project notifiers.  In the case of notifiers configured in poms that
are the parents of sub-modules/projects (but are still children of the
top lvl continuum project group pom) will be added to each of the
child poms below that.

an example might help

P1 -> P2
  P2 -> P3
  P2 -> P4
    P4 -> P5
    P4 -> P6

for P1-6, if P2 where the pom loaded into continuum as the project group, then

* notifiers in P1 and P2 are group notifiers
* notifiers in P4 are added to P4,5,6 as project notifiers

Would this work as a hard and fast rule for notifiers?


jesse mcconnell

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