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From "Jesse McConnell" <>
Subject Re: Proposed: UI for build defs (default build defs)
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 01:16:42 GMT
well when I worked on this I added in some core.actions to do some of
this kinda logic

     * 1) project groups have default build definitions
     * 2) if project has default build definition, that overrides
project group definition
     * 3) changing parent default build definition does not effect
project if it has a default declared
     * 4) project groups must have a default build definition

that was from the javadocs on the
resolveDefaultBuildDefinitionsForProjectGroup method on


On 10/17/06, Christian Edward Gruber <> wrote:
> Hey all,
>     I mentioned this on IRC and felt it should be sent ot the list.
> The notion of default build def is really wierd, now that groups are
> there.
>     In particular, can the "default build def" for a project be a group
> def, or only a project def.  The UI for this is also crapped out, as the
> check-box is dangerous.  If you "uncheck" a default project, who becomes
> defualt?
>     I think we need a drop down on a per-project basis, which MAY
> include both project and group builds as that project's default build
> def.  If you delete a build def, there would have to be logic to
> fail-into another build def, or the delete should be disallowed until
> you reassign all projects that hold it as a default.
>     Then if a user hits "build group" then (in build order) the default
> build def for each project is scheduled in turn.
> Christian.
> --
> *christian** gruber + process coach and architect*
> *Israfil Consulting Services Corporation*
> *email** + bus 905.640.1119 + mob 416.998.6023*

jesse mcconnell

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