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From Rahul Thakur <>
Subject Re: project group shortcuts
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 00:04:34 GMT

> to do this I would put a textfield on the project group creation 
> screens and
> then an edittable one in the project config screens, and add it to the
> model.  This shortcut would replace the locations where the 
> projectGroupName
> is currently being passed around on actions to let projects know what 
> group
> is being interacted with.  Api changes obviously to support this as well,
> but I don't think this would be too terribly bad to get into place. We 
> get
> to avoid passing around the jdo projectGroupId values which might get 
> screwy
> with clustering if we have different stores and the project groups are 
> not
> in sync.

I haven't looked at the ProjectGroup creation screen yet, but yes it 
would be nice to have a way to be able to specify a ProjectGroup name.

On a related note, I think we should have these ideas (grouped flag, 
group label) logged somewhere so we can bring them back when the POM is 
open for review again.

> We would also be able to do some mapping to allow for direct url friendly
> linking to the summary pages
> which would go to the groupSummary page 
> for the
> Doxia project.
> Does anyone have any objections to adding this functionality?  It would
> clean up the interactions for the webwork actions dealing with project 
> names
> (having "The Doxia Project" passed around on the url's is kinda 
> chintz) not
> to mention allow the m1/m2/ant/shell project groups have a consistent 
> way to
> referring to the project group concept.  I can see a lot of bonuses 
> and no
> downsides right now...I think it will clean up a lot of different
> interactions.
> jesse
I think this would be nice. Is it feasible to have this friendly URL 
notion extended for viewing Project details, say


or something like that? Where the Project Name can be sourced from pom's 


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