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From Rahul Thakur <>
Subject Re: Project Group Notifiers
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 22:33:13 GMT

Can we have an element like:


in the pom.xml where the notifiers are being setup defaulting it to 
'false' if none is defined. A value of 'true' implies the notifier is a 
ProjectGroup notifier and all child modules inherit it, 'false' that the 
notifier is project level - or vice versa, whatever makes more sense.

The motivation is to control the level of notifiers and also let 
Continuum to work it out if none was defined.

Jesse -  I know we talked about zero-config and more control - this 
should address both, I think  :-)


Jesse McConnell wrote:
> I have been working at this problem off and on for a few days and have
> a bit of a stumbling block I would like a bit of feedback on..  build
> definitions where easier for this since they had no equivalent POM
> linkage...but thats a bit of an issue with the notifiers I am finding.
> My original assumption was that any notifiers declared in the pom that
> I am loading in as an m2 project would be initialized as a group
> notifier.  This becomes a minor issue as the way things stand right
> now I'll have to pass annoying groupPom boolean status into parts of
> the loading mechanism that I really don't want to.  But then I just
> got to thinking that this only addresses it part way.  Basically I
> wanted to ask if people were comfortable with the following statement.
> notifiers defined in the pom being loaded in as the project group pom
> ( the one input into the Add M2 Project page) and the notifiers
> defined in the parents of that pom are all group lvl notifiers.  any
> notifiers defined below that point will be attached as individual
> project notifiers.  In the case of notifiers configured in poms that
> are the parents of sub-modules/projects (but are still children of the
> top lvl continuum project group pom) will be added to each of the
> child poms below that.
> an example might help
> P1 -> P2
>  P2 -> P3
>  P2 -> P4
>    P4 -> P5
>    P4 -> P6
> for P1-6, if P2 where the pom loaded into continuum as the project 
> group, then
> * notifiers in P1 and P2 are group notifiers
> * notifiers in P4 are added to P4,5,6 as project notifiers
> Would this work as a hard and fast rule for notifiers?
> jesse

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