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From Rahul Thakur <>
Subject Re: contents of a 1.1 release
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 23:04:02 GMT

> I agree with Emmanuel that since 1.1 as it currently stands is not
> backwards compatible (I think) with the old database we ought to just
> add in what we need now...But doing this will definitely move out a
> 1.1 release into the new year...and is that something we want to do?

I guess best to restructure code base now and add new features in for 
1.1 than to impact a relatively larger number of users later on 
(assuming any breaking/incompatible changes).
> I dunno really, personally I would be cool with adding in profiles and
> refactoring the core chunks of continuum up now and get it over with,
> but does anyone else have anything to say on the matter?  I know we
> have had a lot more interest recently by folks like rahul and
> christian on participating, would you guys be interested in taking on
> some of these challenges with us?  Theres nothing like ripping through
> the guts of code to really get involved :)

I can commit hours over weekends and may odd hours here and there during 
> thoughts?  should we open this out to the users list maybe?
> jesse

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