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From "Rahul Thakur" <>
Subject Re: [discuss] Zero config and more control over configuration (was: [jira] Commented: (CONTINUUM-924) Add ability to edit group)
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 22:23:12 GMT

> one of the problems here is that if you start letting the CI admin
> make changes to project and project group names then you are breaking
> the linkage between the POM and the representation of the project in
> continuum.  Unless you start adding in mapping functionalities and
> thats just a pain when really, the name in the CI ought to reflect
> reality in the project.  Now perhaps the project group is something
> that can be opened more for some configuration changes since it is
> kind of an external concept being mapped onto the poms...its using the
> pom that you load up for these defaults and then also making a project
> for that same project group, mapping it twice into continuum as a
> group and as a project...

On related note about defaults, POM can be used to provide clues to 
continuum for project grouping, with sensible fallbacks (use groupId if 
no <group> specified for ci managment etc). I think it would be nice to 
allow a set of default project group notifiers in the pom.xml itself 
(pretty much the way the CI notifiers are handled in 1.0.3). But I 
understand this is something that will need a pom be extendable, and 
past 1.1 :-)


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