It's quite nice.  I wonder, since there are some ways to construct cron schedules that don't use all fields, if it makes sense to have an "advanced" alternate ui that does away with the individual form values and tries out the single string.  In general, however, I think this interface is much harder to make mistakes with, which is more important.  I just want to make sure we don't lose any quartz functionality through an interface constraint.  Good job, though.

A slight variant might also work (attached).  It lays out the same form horizontally, so that it's visually closer to the cron.


Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
Can you add a link to, so users will know available formats for each fields, or add available formats near each fields


Maria Odea Ching a écrit :
Sorry, I forgot to put the link for the staging site.
It's <> :)

Maria Odea Ching wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I submitted a patch for CONTINUUM-847 that updates the current cron editor field in the
scheduler for the white site (this is for the editSchedule.html page).

Any comments are welcome :)



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