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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Cancelling builds
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 01:52:09 GMT

On 14/09/2006, at 6:09 PM, Kenney Westerhof wrote:

> Hi Team,
> Yesterday I've committed some code to enable cancelling builds:


> - What's the best place to place the cancel build button?   Perhaps  
> just list the job on the summary page as 'current job'
>  (in the future: current jobs) and add a cancel button there.

How about replacing the "build now" button (which is disabled when a  
build is in progress) with a "cancel build" button? replace the green  
"play" symbol with the delete "x".

> - The build ID of the cancelled task will either be 0 or max(build  
> id),
>  depending on when it's cancelled. The project _is_ set in error state
>  so it finishes normally. This gives me the idea that the build  
> number issue
>  already was there; this needs to be fixed (I'm looking into it).

Is setting it to error state appropriate? That makes sense if it  
times out, but maybe if it is cancelled it should be set back to the  
last state? Or set to a new cancelled state?

> - We might want to set a timeout on individual actions instead of  
> the entire job (1.2?)

Sorry, what do you mean by "individual actions"?

> - An issue Emmanuel has pointed out to me is that cancelling builds  
> on windows doesn't work
>  well. I've dug into the sun site and found several others with the  
> same problem.

This is ok. We should look into the prcview thing, but I don't think  
its a high priority. We can list as a known issue.

>  The issue is that on windows, if you execute a batchfile  
> (Runtime.exec) and you cancel that,
>  any process started in the batchfile isn't killed. This is due to  
> windows process management.
>     Just a question: why not call m1/m2/java from a new classloader/ 
> thread within continuum itself? Saves some shell magick,
>  and it's more easily killed (using the concurrent package). Or  
> call java directly - also no problem with killing that
>  and any child processes.

This might be a useful feature at some point, but can never be the  
only way. People will want to use various versions of Maven and JDK,  
not just the ones Continuum has.


> -- Kenney

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