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From "Tomasz Pik" <>
Subject Re: Release Management for Maven/Continuum
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 07:46:08 GMT
I'm jumping into middle of discussion with some kind of separate (but not too
separate) question/problem.
As I understood Continuum should be located in some kind of
'dedicated' location,
so it won't have influence on main development (developers decides, when to
push new snapshot to shared repository, when perform release and so on,
Continuum 'just check current versions').
So (and maybe here I was wrong) Continuum should be separated from
Now, if users will be able to perform releases through Continuum (which is
a super thing), picture changes a bit.
So my question is - will there be a possiblity to integrate Continuum
and Archiva,
so they may run together on one host/address/port/plexus instance?
So both of them will make a kind of 'maven server'?


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