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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Release Management for Maven/Continuum
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 04:37:35 GMT
> The summary page shows only a few of the release parameters. So the  
> "Edit" link is there to direct the user to the more detailed  
> release configuration page.  But since we'll be releasing projects  
> one at a time, I guess I can incorporate what you mean into the new  
> white-site.

Just to be clear - if the single project that is released has  
modules, there will be multiple entries on this page.

I think it should be a big long form, though, because it would be  
tedious to change individual values project per project when you need  
to edit them like that (unless we get all ajax, but that might be a  
separate UI initiaive)

> ok, so this means continuum should remember prepared releases.  
> Should there be a separate release working directory for this?  
> Because a prepared release may get lost after a scheduled build.

A prepared release is simply a tag in the SCM, I think (you might  
want to double check that that is all release:perform reads back from  
the release properties).

Basically what wuld happen here, after fleshing out the model, is  
that it would replace the configuration store in the release plugin  
(so you could use Xpp3Reader/Writer to store release.xml instead of, and the same thing could be used to store a  
release's information in the database, along with the information here.

Anyway, maybe I'm going overboard on that, but its something to think  

- Brett

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