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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: continuum alpha releases
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 15:34:26 GMT
I don't have any opposition to a promoted build, whatever we call it.  
I think it's a good idea.

However, I'm really over the idea of having alpha and beta releases  
(even though I've been planning the latter one myself), at least in  
the form we have now.

I like the idea of having promoted builds, say, once a week. When a  
major feature or major bug is fixed. Think IDEA EAP as a model for  
it, though we'd announce it to the dev/users list.

So, we do our regular CI builds, and then regularly agree with a  
quick vote that a certain build is stable enough to inflict on testers.

If we had build labeling, we may well call it alpha/M1, etc. It's not  
that different.

The two things I'm trying to avoid: going through the SCM tagging/ 
release process too often (though that's not necessarily that bad),  
mixing alphas with production quality stuff (there's not enough  
separation currently - and it gives us an excuse to point people at  
the latest alpha rather than making a stable build). I wouldn't put  
these releases on the /dist/ system.

I don't think JIRA should be segmented. It should only have final  
versions in there. If we are concerned that the 1.1 release is going  
to take forever, then cut it down to less features and more stability  
stuff and focus on 1.2 next. In it's 5 year history the Maven project  
has never done a .x release that wasn't a plugin, so I think it's  
time to change that.

I've discussed this on this list before (and I may well be alone on  
this, so feel free to ignore me). You might be able to turn that up  
with a search.

Anyway, I think its a good idea to have some sort of public test  
release of the current trunk next week before we bite into the  
security stuff any further.


On 23/08/2006, at 7:29 AM, Jesse McConnell wrote:

> Kenney and I were talking today about breaking up continuum 1.1
> release in jira into a couple of smaller more managable chunks, like
> perhaps a couple of alpha releases.
> I was thinking that we could probably target an alpha-1 release of
> continuum 1.1 for the end of the month.  There is the complete webwork
> UI revamp, my project grouping changes, and a number of little fixes
> here an there.  Kenney and I were thinking that between the two of us
> we could pretty easily wrap up some outliers for an alpha-1 release in
> pretty short order..
> even if we didn't release it from the website, we could just tag it
> and move on, letting us organize continuum jira a bit clearer.
> anyone have thoughts on that?
> jesse
> -- 
> jesse mcconnell

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