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From Edwin Punzalan <>
Subject Re: further feedback on white site
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 07:31:39 GMT

I've updated the white site with brett's suggestions and a few of my 
suggested modifications... please don't hesitate to comment.


Brett Porter wrote:
> I was looking at the white site, and had some additional feedback:
> Here, It isn't appropriate to list multiple builds, as only one build 
> was performed. However, there are actually a series of steps as part 
> of this release - so maybe its better to list them out? Especially if 
> one fails and terminates the process.
> ie:
> (/) check for modifications
> (/) modify poms
> (x) perform test build
>  - show failure & output.
> For the first one, you might see it fails and show the files that have 
> modifications, etc. (this is unlikely on continuum, so is of less 
> importance).
> We need to sort out how perform works. Having to enter everything is a 
> bit tedious if you've just done a prepare.
> To save DB trickery, how about this: we keep a list of prepared 
> releases in memory and remove them when they are performed.
> That way this page could have a radio for "Perform release prepared 
> this session" with a dropdown of those releases, and one for "Perform 
> release from previous SCM tag". Both go to the same screen, but the 
> first prepopulates everything.
> Same feedback for release finish (here we probably just want the build 
> output).
> Also think about having that "build in progress" page in the middle 
> using webwork's action in a background. Worth adding that screen in 
> the white site, and just have a link on there that says "I'm 
> impatient, check again now" :)
> Overall, looking nice!
> - Brett

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